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Andes Medical Care - Your Partner of Health, Inside & Out

Your Perfect Place to Sharp Your Professional Image!

Awesome Services - Your Health Inside & Out


Weight Loss, Body Contouring, Aesthetics programs make you look stunning, professional and full of vitality toward greater success.

Longevity Essence

Preventative Care, Wellness and Age Management programs give you the Fountain of Youth and the energy you need to power from inside!

Inner Peace

Ketamine IV Therapy and Pain Management programs bring you carefree spirit, calm and free from pain - fundamental to your high quality of life.

Oriental Medicine

TCM, Health Qigong and Oriental culture programs enrich your life, bring methods proven by thousands years' success to benefit your holistic and balanced life.


Our vision is Your Optimal Health Total Solution: Beauty From Inside & Out! Our unique combimation of knowledge of methods from both the most cutting edge medical sciences and ancient wisdom of optimal health bring you holistic package of health! You will enjoy health experts services from both Western and Eastern worlds!! Artistically designed to suit your life style and personal preference!!!

Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz states in his book "Creating a Learning Society" that successful and sustained growth requires creating a learning society! Your opportunity canvas, creativity and happiness increase with your investment in your optimal health, when we learn, understand and take actions together!

Health is wealth! Health is performance!! Strength, flexibility and endurance are key elements in physical health. Strong body, clear mind and longevity are indication of your optimal health. Optimal health is your foundation to success!! With knowledge, disciplne and actions, working with our team, together, we go far!! Yes, we can!!!

Time Will Tell
Design Thinking Advantages

Knowledge is power! Think different! Act different!! Behavior psychology is designed in our programs to guide our program offering. Design thinking guides our approach to engage with our community. With our innovation in interdisciplinary methods, technology and tools to track our progress, time is on our side to give you back your desired energy, appearance and drive to live a happy, healthy and highly successful life! Smiles from you will inspire all your loved ones!! Imagine a world of happiness with optimal health, ignited by you...

You look fit, energetic and successful! You are strong, flexible and have the endurance of a marathon athlete! You enjoy a clear mind and optimistic attitute to excel in your career!! You are highly effective in all you do, live a long life and leave a legacy of success in your family!!!
Your family members see your changes with our programs, hear your laughters more often and observe your positive behavior differences from application of your growth mindset! Your friends ask you the magic formula of your looking good! Your colleagues admire your productivity and your enthusiasm at work is making a difference!
Your vision of business success expands; your execution power increases; your business results inspire the team to a brighter future!!


Physician Happiness

Featuring physician online and offline socials, health and wellness fitness, and annual show-off time - a great fun day to demonstrate to the community we serve that physicians are leading health innovation, starting from ourselves, to live a healthy lifestyle and have the chance to demonstrate the strengths, flexibility and endurance! to show off the fun! Leading and living a healthy life with discipline and practice!!

Weight Loss

Physician Supervised Program. HCG Weight Loss Program. Lean MD Program. Celebrate Vitamins Program. Well World Program. TCM Weight Loss Program.


IV Wellmess THerapy. Lab Testing. Telomeres. Micronutrient Testing Health Qigong. Optimal Health Plan

Age Management & Body Contouring

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets; Hair Growth and Restoration; Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Dermaplaning; Ultrasound cavitation.


Botox & cosmetics; Chemical Peels; Dermal Fillers; Facials; Kybella; Laser Treatmenets; Microneedling with Rejuvapen; Vampire facelifting; Vampire facial. Cuptate mporent ea consed mollabo. Et rerfercit, omnimaio magnaturiat.

Ketamine IV Therapy

Depression; PTSD; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder; Chronic pain.

Pain Management

ACP & Stem Cell THerapies for Pain Management; NCV/EMG; Joint / Extremity / Non Spinal Injection; Platelet Rich Plasma for Pain Management Ultrasound guided Interventional Pain Management; Physical Therapy-Physician Supervised; Adjunctive Therapy Modalities for Musculoskeletal pain; Advanced Musculoskeletal Ultrasound guided Injections.

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Our Plans Most Favored

Our popular plans are most favored by our community! These are voted to be the most popular ones! Weight Loss, Skin Glow and TCM Conditioning programs are HOT!!! To thank our community, they are on promotion this year!!!

Weight Loss


  • Action Plan
  • Food Optimization
  • Exercise & Sleep Track
  • Supporting Group

Skin Glow


  • Facial twice
  • Nutritional support included
  • Individualized Plan
  • Upgrade to Body Contouring discount

TCM Conditioning


  • Daily toning tea included
  • Influence circle included
  • Health Qigong classes included
  • Optimal health software included

Watch Video

Optimal Health is retainable when we combine knowledge with action! Sleep well, be optimistic, exercise and optimal nutrition intake are essential to optimal health! Check out how we can all do it the optimal way.

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